Is rattan furniture making a comeback 2022 ?

May 6, 2022

   At present, with the continuous development of environmentally friendly materials and technologies, new materials and processes will affect the furniture industry. Materials are the basis of all industrial production, so improvements in the upgrading process of materials will cause changes in the market and lead to an increasing safety factor and environmental friendliness of furniture. From 2021 onwards, people are starting to demand the use of new materials as well as natural and organic materials in designers' designs. People see this shift as the next wave of environmentally conscious initiatives. Rattan furniture is seen as the perfect solution in this new trend.

First of all, rattan furniture combines hand weaving with industrial production, combining different shapes, patterns and even fabrics, all in their original colours, as if they were nature's artefacts, a shortcut to a relationship with nature, a bridge to nature. Once a trend in the 1970s, it is back in fashion since 2021.

Rattan furniture, which warmly reminds you of your childhood, whether in chairs, tables or in the light, has changed in new and exciting ways. It is perfect for balancing modern and traditional styles.

Secondly, at the heart of furniture design is the human being, so more and more home designs will use ergonomics to fit the specific needs of the user. Ergonomic rattan office chairs in the natural colours of grey, black and natural brown give our offices or rooms a calm, elegant and timeless look.

Thirdly, rattan furniture has many advantages. It is environmentally friendly furniture that does not contribute to the deforestation of the planet. It is durable and stylish for indoor spaces and outdoor spaces.

Finally, rattan furniture has the advantages of elegant colour, beautiful shape, light structure, elegant appearance, tough texture, simplicity and naturalness, and is mostly used in lanais, gardens, tea rooms, studies, living rooms, offices, commercial spaces, etc.